Kylie Jenner LipKits | The Review ♥

I was so excited when I was able to finally pick up some of the most raved about lip products of the moment, I have had them for about 2 months now I wanted to blog about them sooner but life took over.

The Lip Kits
I decided to pick up 2 of the Kylie LipKits, the shades I chose are True Brown K which is literally a true chocolate dark brown beautifully bold and such a daring shade, I also went for Candy K which is a dusty muted Pinky nude perfect for day time and night time especially when paired with a smokey eye.

Why Did I Want to Try Them?
- Well, as a blogger and an absolute makeup addict I felt that It was necessary that I did try them. When a new product launches I get that excitement build up within and almost pull a muscle trying to reach for my bank card as soon as possible. I am also a huge fan of Kylie Jenner and we share them same lip Colour preferences! 

How Did I Manage to Get Them? 
- I follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat & by chance I just so happened to open the right snap at the right time I popped onto the site and I already knew which shades I wanted ( this is super important as everything goes out of stock almost immediately ) went straight to my basket entered my details and I was happy to see that it all went through.
- I tracked my delivery and I wont lie I am so that person who is checking everyday... and when it had got to England I was super excited as I knew I would not be waiting long!

- luckily I wasn’t hit with a customs charge and I know some people have been.

As you can see the packaging is simple yet has a bold feel to it, I love how on each of the Lip Kits you get the image of Lips with the shade on them dripping down it is very relatable to Kylie Jenner. 

On the top of the box the name of the product is stated and the colour is around the entire perimeter of the box. 

On the back of the box ( not pictured ) Kylie's signature is there along with her tip on how to apply the product the ingredients and the amount of product you get both in the Matte liquid lipstick & the lip liner ( The lipstick is 3.25 ml / 0.11fl.oz and the lip liner is 1.0g/.03oz ). 

The Liquid Lipsticks 
The tubes have a simple look just with Kylie's signature & product information, the shade name is at the bottom of the tube. 
You get a doe foot applicator which is quite small but it ensures you distribute enough product around the lips, a slight downfall is that on the applicator you do not get a stopper this causes product to be wasted and can make your product look messy. 

So I line my lips and fill them completely with the liner just to ensure I get an even longer wear and to avoid any patchiness and discolouration. The lip liner that comes in the kit is super creamy and applies beautifully, it does wear down quite quickly but you can sharpen it, I do find that in the 2 months that I have had the lip kits I have almost completely finished the liner of Candy K. 

I then move on to applying the matte liquid lipstick again applying it all over the lips, the darker shades seem to appear more patchy once dry however I find that if you just use one coat over the top lip and then one coat over the bottom lip you get an even colour. 
the liquid lipstick dries in around 30-45seconds and is completely matte. 

Would I Buy Again?
Honestly? no.. Simply because there are dupes out there and so many brands offering liquid lipsticks, I am a huge fan of Kylie Jenner and believe that when someone famous who you adore launches a product then of course you are going to want to own EVERYTHING. 

 Candy K

True Brown K

I hope you have liked this post, if you would like to see a dupes post do let me know in the comments.

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Love Stevie 

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  1. I loved reading this review and both liquid lipsticks look amazing on you!

    Emma at

  2. such beautiful lippies!! I need true brown in my life haha (:

    Life in Pastel

  3. These shades look incredible on you, I really want to try one but I have heard so many horror stories about the boxes turning up empty and it's kind of put me off!

    Coleoftheball xx

  4. I really want to try these, and Candy K looks gorgeous, but I'm just not sure if they'll be worth the money when, as you've said, there are so many dupes out there. They both look amazing on you

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  5. I would buy them for the cute packaging and thats it, i barely use anything other than tinted balms or sticks. Great post x