The Power Of Makeup ♥

I recently watched Sabrina from LoveLaughAndMakeup on YouTube, she put a video up entitled 'The Power Of Makeup ' I found the video super inspiring and wanted to do my own version of it.

I absolutely love makeup, I have worn makeup since my mid teens ( unmatched foundation, far to much powder and tons of mascara eek)! But after discovering beauty gurus on YouTube back in 2012 my obsession was born.

Whenever it was payday I would go on a rampage in Superdrug and spend anything from £50-£100 my collection began growing ever so quickly but that was my hobby, collecting makeup and 'playing' with it, I taught myself so much and my skills with makeup continuously progressed.

The Power Of Makeup, We all have our reasons for wearing makeup whether it be to represent personalities through the use of colour and boldness.
For me makeup is fun I love creating new looks and getting inspiration from my blogging babes, YouTube Gurus, and as of lately I have got so much 'inspo' from Instagram.

So as you can see, 1 side of my face is completely free of makeup whilst the other side has a more glam feel to it, for me makeup is about enhancing what is already there, not changing although transformations can be fun.

I like that when makeup is applied everything feels lifted, I don't wear makeup to hide my looks I am comfortable in my own skin, of course I get irritated when a spot comes out of nowhere but thats life I know I can cover imperfections if needs be but I can also embrace them and be free in my skin which I am. 

Makeup is a hobby of mine, and I will continue collecting ( hoarding ) makeup.

 Fleeky eyebrows and highlight brighter than my future I AM ALL OVER THAT BABES

Have you done your version of the power of makeup? let me know <3 

Lots Of Love 

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  1. Both sides are beautiful! I really wonder what this would look like for me, I should try this out!

  2. Well done for putting this out there! Both sides are equally as beautiful :) x

  3. You look gorgeous on both sides! Your eye makeup is gorgeous by the way x