My Pamper Routine ♥

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When it comes to relaxing and pampering myself, I tend to go for a face mask & an extremely hot bubble bath. I prefer to shower in the week simply because I can be in a bath tub for over an hour ( time I really do not have during the week ) but when it comes to Sundays I get up around 9am do the usual morning read ( blogs, twitter & scroll through Instagram ) then at around 10am I run myself a lovely bath set out some sweet lavender candles around my bathroom pop my products on the side and just prepare to relax. I pop on some music & then I am in my zone. 

It is ever so important to have your own version of how you pamper yourself but this is my way, a way to end one week and de-stress / cleanse my mind and also prepare my body for another week of whatever the world has to offer me ( normally lots of paper work, banter and my brain telling me to go to the gym ) 

Enjoy <3


A very important part to my pamper routine is of course a face mask, for me they take out the stress of the week and leave your face feeling fresh and somewhat de-stressed. 
I don't have a specific go to face mask but I always pick a few up from Primark, Superdrugs & Boots, they are extremely inexpensive & are a go to product for me. 

 Cleanse & Polish
I use this product regularly but of course it had to make an appearance in my pamper routine as well. 
This has become a staple product in my skin care routine and it works wonders for my skin, I love how this product feels against my skin it holds a gorgeous fresh smelling scent and when washed off using the muslin cloth it leaves your face feeling soft and as though it has sprung back to life. 

 Music & Bubbles
I love listening to music in the bath I give my best X-Factor audition and sing to the very top of my voice! I know some people will listen to music in the bath and it soothes them in a calming way, this does not apply to me as once I press play on my PAMPER PLAYLIST I am basically in a bathtub sized club. 

BATH TIME! This is of course what makes my pamper routine and this is how I end my week. I love bubble baths and my favourite product which I will continuously buy is the Dove Silk Glow & Dove Original Cream Bath, It softens the skin and creates lots of bubbles! 

How do you pamper yourself?
Let me know

Lots Of Love

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