Mini Selfridges Beauty Haul

As I do on most pay days, I treat myself to a few higher end beauty products. This month there were two specific products that I wanted to purchase, of course I didn't need to make these purchases but they've been on my wish list for ages and the more I am interacting with other bloggers and seeing them rave about these products I just knew I had to pick them up now rather than later.

I popped into Selfridges and of course went to the beauty hall ( which is seriously my idea of heaven - NO JOKE ) I love browsing all the beautifully laid out makeup counters and wanting to literally purchase everything, however I did control myself a made just a few small purchases.

First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in the shade 7 retailing at £29.50 you get 30ML in a bottle and it is available in a huge amount of shades from the very fare to the deepest shades. I had been eying this foundation up for around a month before making my purchase. The lady who matched me asked if I wanted to go slightly warmer which I did although I have been wearing the foundation for about 2 weeks now I do feel like I could have maybe gone for an 8 just to have it that bit more warmer.

Secondly I have the ever so popular Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. I have been lusting after this product for so long as I have seen many beauty guru's rave about this, using it for 'baking' the under eye. For many years I used the Ben Nye Banana Powder to set the under eye I then moved onto the MAC translucent setting powder when 'Baking' went absolutely crazy in the beauty world. I am so happy to finally have my hands on this product and will be doing a review on it soon! 

Finally, I spotted ZOEVA Brushes in Selfridges, when I saw them I got so excited as I thought they were only available to purchase online so of course in my head I was dancing and jumping around as though all my Christmas's had come at once lol. I have 2 Zoeva Brushes in my collection ( from the original line ) and I want to add to my brush collection more so eye brushes as I love to play around with makeup looks and having a variety of eye brushes is beneficial. 
The 2 I went for are the 230 Luxe Pencil brush - I picked this up as I have no small dense brushes and this brush is exactly what I wanted something that can pack colour into the crease and also create cut creases too.
I also picked up the 231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush - This is a short hair fluffy crease brush, I have a rather small lid and blending my crease colours with my usual Zoeva 227 or my MAC 217 can become a little messy due to the size, however the 231 is perfectly sized and has a fantastic density to it. 

Have you bought any higher end products recently? do let me know in the comments 

Love Stevie

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  1. You have picked some great stuff girl. I really like those eye brushes, they seems very nice :) And i totally love the Laura mercier loose powder. cute blog girl !! would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin and other social media :) x

    1. Hey Girl <3

      Loving your page! thanks for your lovely comment xx

  2. I just found your blog and I love your pictures, they are so clean and crisp! New follower! :)


    1. Thank you so much Yiota <3

      Of course i will follow back x