The Curly Hair Story & Current Routine

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Having curly hair is a blessing and a curse, I have decided to put this post together because my hair is finally becoming healthy again and my curls have made a return. 

I remember 2013, having Blonde hair was on trend and I really wanted to go Blonde I couldn't afford to get it done in a salon so I decided to do it myself ( bad idea ). To cut a long story short I used about 5 boxes of bleach to get the Black out, then a Blonde hair dye only for it to go BRIGHT Orange, I was back to dark hair around 12 hours later lol. 

After going back to dark hair, I noticed something - my hair looked limp a lot had fallen out it was a good 6inches shorter and the worst thing my curls had completely disappeared. I tried hair masks, I would scrunch my hair using 100000 curl defining creams but never worked my naturally curly hair had just upped and left. 

For over 2.5 years I was straightening my hair everyday because I couldn't leave my hair natural it was just a frizzy fluffy mess. So the constant straightening also made it extremely unhealthy. 
Then i remember washing my hair one night in June, putting some coconut oil in my hair and sleeping on it - the next morning I woke up and my hair was curly lol literally it felt as though it had happened over night. Since that day I have not put heat on my hair, if i wash my hair over the weekend ( like I did in preparation for this post ) then I use a diffuser but I find that although it provides a lot of volume my hair has less ringlets. 

These products have been my go to products over the last month and I have been absolutely loving them! <3 
I always start by brushing my hair through with the Ecotools smoothing detangling brush, it goes through my damp hair without causing that ripping feeling. 
I then use the Palmers Coconut Oil Formula moisture gro, again a pea sized amount. It has helped with the growth of my hair and doesn't cause it to get greasy. 
Also using a little sprits of water on the ends when styling ensures my curls get that extra bounce.
The shampoo and conditioner are really nourishing and I do think they make a huge difference. 
I also love the Curling define cream, a pea sized amount is more than enough I find that if i use to much it causes my hair to go a bit hard and becomes harder to work with but a small amount being taken from the roots through to the end leaves my curls bouncy and soft until the next wash, I was my hair 2-3 times a week. 

Products Mentioned 
Ecotools Smoothing Detangling Brush - £9.99 - Superdrug
Palmers Coconut oil formula moisture gro - £3.30 - Lloyds Pharmacy
OGX Quenching Coconut Curls Shampoo & Conditioner £6.99 each - Boots 2 for £10.00
OGX Moroccan Curling Perfection Defining Cream - £6.99 - SuperDrug

The end result 

So this is my routine with the diffuser i do like how the curls turn out when I dry it however I prefer leaving my hair to air dry naturally <3

Hope you like this post 

Love Stevie 

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1 comment

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