March Goals


Ahh March, I always feel like once we enter March the months just start flying by.
Spring begins to enter our lives, blossom starts flourishing on our trees the sky gets bluer the weather still crisp but the floral scent makes it all much better, it just begins to give you that excitement of summer being on its way. 

I like to set some goals at the beginning of each month, although I may not accomplish them its still nice to set something in stone and try your hardest to work something you want or would like to achieve. 

The Goals 

Weight Loss
Lose 10lbs. This month it is my goal to lose 10lbs, I am going to go back to following the slimming world plan from home, I used this plan in 2014 and lost quite a bit of weight and really slimmed down. So hopefully by the end of March I can report back and share my weight loss for the month. 

I have had a love/hate relationship with the gym for the last few years, Since starting full-time work in 2014 I have become so lazy with fitness and have probably worked out under 20 times. So in January I joined my local leisure centre where they also run group classes, a 50m swimming pool, a gym and a sauna. I hope to be able to go at least 3 times a week. This isn't just a March goal but I'm setting it in stone. 

Unfortunately I won't be traveling out of the country this month but I would like to take a break from London, I have a long weekend at the end of the month what with Easter bank holiday weekend so I would like to take myself somewhere I haven't been. I feel that this would help with my confidence! 

I don't really dabble to much into whats on trend, due to body insecurities I pretty much stick to what I know and what I feel most comfortable in, but as the whole fitness & weightloss begins to form I would like to transform my wardrobe, and discover different styles. 

What are your goals for the month of March?

Love Stevie

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  1. Great post! Good luck with your goals x

    f a y e

  2. I love this I am rooting for ya hun xxx