Getting Back Into Fitness

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When I first relaunched my blog at the beginning of 2016, I decided that I would share many journeys with everyone who takes time out of their day to read what I put out there. 

When it comes to keeping fit I will admit that it is a struggle for me, I am a UK Size 14 and around 5ft4 I am currently 2.5 stone heavier than I should be and my body confidence has completely gone out of the window. Admittedly I have never been super slim but I was so much more toned and as happy as I could be with my body. 

In January I decided it was time to sort things out, lose some weight tone up and hopefully rebuild my confidence. I signed up to my local leisure centre and for £50 per month it is quite expensive but they have a swimming pool and I love swimming. 

I feel that sometimes going to a gym can be daunting, but everybody is going to the gym for their own reasons, however there are people in the world that do become judgmental towards some who walk through those gym doors but why? why would somebody belittle someone who is trying to make a difference to themselves? going to the gym and keeping fit should not be something that another individual would choose to judge you on. 

So no matter your size, no matter your reasons no matter WHAT, hold your head high and work on what you want to achieve whether it be to lose weight, to tone up, to gain muscle or to beat any demons that you might be facing DO IT and hold your head high whilst doing so, because thats what I am going to do.


Love Stevie 
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