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If you read my blog regularly then you will know that my favourite foundations appeared in January, however I really didn't like how it was laid out, I wasn't to keen on the photography and it knocked me a little. 
So I decided to re-do it, I do hope thats okay <3  

Foundation is a very important part of my makeup routine, I love trying foundations from barely there coverage to the fullest of FULL coverage.
I don't think I will ever stick to using just one foundation, I adore buying new makeup as much as it is an expensive hobby I have kept it up for over 5 years now and I'm not bored yet.

The 3 that i have chosen to show you are massive favourites of mine. I use them over and over again and for different occasions.

My Skin Type
I have quite sensitive skin which is acne prone, I get oily around my eye lids and a little down my nose but nowhere else. I prefer full coverage foundations but love to experiment as you never know when you might fall in love with a product.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid - NC30 - £22.00
Background Info
Studio Fix Fluid is sold in a variety of shades from the palest of skin to the darker tones. It is one of MAC's best sellers despite the mixed reviews online. The consistency of this foundation is rather thick but super blendable, it is silicone based giving it that smooth application onto the skin. A medium but buildable coverage and sets to a semi matte finish. 
Why I Love It
I have been a lover of this foundation for over 4 years, I tend to go back and forth to this product and have a love hate relationship with it. MAC foundations tend to match me perfectly and I have never had an issue. I have serious yellow undertones and the yellow tones in the MAC foundations are a huge winner for me. I usually apply this foundation using a damp blending sponge, I find that when using a brush it looks streaky and does not last as long, however with a sponge it looks flawless and does not crease on the skin at all. 
I do powder with this foundation as it is one of the only foundations that bring out my natural oils.
I don't have a specific occasion to use this foundation on its an all rounder for me due to it being build able. 
Repurchase - YES ( I have many times ) Rate - 8/10

MAC Face & Body - C4 - £29.50
 Background Info
 Face & Body is a light coverage foundation but can be built up to a medium coverage, known for its watery base it needs a good shake before use. The product has fantastic staying power (can change due to skin type) and looks stunning even when it is not set. The finish of this foundation gives a dewy glow and is perfect all year round.
Why I Love It
I first tried this foundation during summer 2015, I popped into the MAC store and wanted to get my makeup done, if I am being honest I remember having early birthday drinks and just fancied getting a cheeky touch up. I tried the F&B and I immediately thought it looked stunning on my skin and I do not have the best skin for sheer coverage foundations. This really is one of my favourite foundations and I know I will continue to repurchase. Considering how much I actually use it I am surprised my bottle is still going strong and I have had it since summer 2015.
Repurchase - YES Rate - 9/10

Illamasqua Skin Base - SB8.5 - £32.50
Background Info
A medium - buildable coverage foundation which is available in a variety of shades and is super blendable. Skin Base is a very popular choice to use in the make up world with its smooth flawless finish. Once applied it gives a soft dewy look and is not cakey at all. This foundation sits beautifully over the Illamasqua Hydraveil Mattifying Primer.
Why I Love It
I enjoy using this foundation for nights out and photography for makeup looks, for me I build it up to a full coverage. I have the shade 8.5 which on the site states Olive Yellow Undertones I do think I could have maybe done with a shade darker but I make ends meet with 8.5. I will say that although I am still loving it and have raved about it in a few posts I am not completely won over but overall it is good! 
Repurchase - Not Sure Rate 6.5/10

Hope You Have Enjoyed This Post 
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  1. I also have acne prone sensitive skin so whilst I was in the US I was recommended the Cover FX Full coverage cream foundation but it seems to just stick to my spots so I'm again on the hunt for another foundation as I just can't find the perfect one as I love a medium coverage with a natural glow / semi-matte finish. Having so much acne makes it so hard for me so I'm so glad to finally find another blogger with acne!

    For me the Mac foundations seem to be too cakey in my skin which is often the problem with many foundations but I would be interested to try the Illamasqua one as it sounds, from what you have said, to be really lovely. I'm also really interested in trying the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation or even the Shiseido Perfect Refining foundation as they are suppose to be quite good for our skin type, although they are all so pricey... I don't like going for high street foundations as I'm scared the lower quality ingredients will aggravate my skin even more than higher end foundations do already. Sounds silly doesn't it haha!

    Thank you for sharing lovely.
    Shannon, x

  2. Love this post so well written and informative, great stuff. I had the studio face and body but my skin is just too shiny with it, even set and I felt it a bit too heavy for me, but you are right on the colour matching x