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I recently purchased some new goodies from MAC ( see my MAC haul here ) and over the past week or so I have really been loving this new lip combo. I would normally shy away from pink lipsticks as I have been wearing brown shades for such a long time now. 

Finding the perfect lip combination can sometimes prove difficult, but I feel like once you've got it you really have got it. 
For me this combination is very fitting right now, as we transition into Spring a brighter lip whilst still incorporating the nude theme suits me well. 

The combination that I have gone for consists of

MAC's Soar Lip Liner - I over line my lips slightly with this stunning dusty-pink/mauve shade and also fill in the lips entirely.

MAC's Cosmo Lipstick - This is from the amplified line and it is a Pinkish-Brown, it goes very well against olive-toned skin and can appear more pink depending on your skin tone. I apply this on top Soar using a lip brush I feel that when applying a lipstick over a liner it sits nicer when using a brush as you can keep it extremely neat without having to tidy up. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme - Cairo - I complete the look by applying Cairo in the centre of the lips to lighten the look ever so slightly and give it a slight matte finish. I do not wear the colour alone as it is far to pale but it looks great in the centre of the lips. 


So thats it, this is my go to combination at the moment, I think it will be staying for a while!

Love Stevie
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  1. Love the lip combo :D it really suits you as well.

    Bex x

  2. I am so tempted to add MAC Soar to my collection, it's beautiful!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  3. gorgeous lip colour you look stunning x