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I have been battling with my weight for many years now, I have been fluctuating between UK sizes 12-16 for the last 5 years and I am around 2.5/3stone heavier than I should be at this current moment.

When I launched my blog at the beginning of 2016, as much as one of my main interests is beauty I wanted somewhere to be able to document my weight loss and photograph how my body changes throughout.

When it comes to exercise, I do enjoy it, suffering from mental health issues exercise is a great mindful way for me to escape any thoughts I may be having. 
My normal gym routine would usually consist of going 4/5 times a week and doing cardio, HIIT work outs, and days allocated to certain body parts IE legs or back.
I would only be able to get info on gym routines and diet plans through Instagram / YouTube etc. which is great but what I needed but didn’t have was something personal to my needs, personal trainers are available but when you’re not extremely confident it can be quite grueling to want to approach one.

As of march 14th I am happy to say that I have teamed up with the GHOGY – the aim of the brand is to provide customers with an affordable way to access high quality, personalized professional training… all of this is done ONLINE. Yes that’s right with a personalized plan GHOGY gives you the chance to get professional training and a meal plan on the go.

The plan I am working with is the TRIM AND TONE, a plan specifically made to fit my needs and in the next 12 weeks I will be transforming my body and becoming healthy using this simple but effective pack.
Before receiving my plan, I provided my online personal trainer David with some answers regarding my current weight, my targets and how active I am. With that information I received a descriptive exercise and eating plan.

Over the next 12 weeks I will be sharing blogposts (1 post every 4 weeks) with updates and my plan will be adjusted by my personal trainer every 4 weeks, this will make sure that I don’t get bored and get to challenge my body and mind even more.

Introduction to my 12 week Trim & Tone Plan 

My Goals for the next 4 weeks are:
To lose another 5-10lbs
Increase my running whilst using the treadmill
To better my form especially when doing squats

Bring more fish into my diet

I have chosen to make goals on a 4 weekly basis due to facing that bit more of a challenge! I will update my achievement’s in my next post.

I am really loving the HIIT workouts that come with the plan, I have been following the Cant Quit Wont Quit ( Pictured Above ) for the past week and have really been enjoying it, in the Trim & Tone Plan you will find that the HIIT workouts come in different stages they range from beginner to advanced and I am hoping to increase my workout weekly.
This is me currently, I will take photos again and attach them to my next post so that you can follow my progress <3 

I can't wait to update you all in the next 4 weeks and see how much I have progressed with my plan I am so happy to be doing it as it has provided me the confidence to get back into working out and creating a better me for more info check out the website here 

Love Stevie 

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  1. Amazing work gorgeous and so inspiring!! I definitely need to get back into my health kick and try out HIIT workouts!! <3 xx
    Taylor xx

  2. Good Luck, I really need to exercise more so seeing motivational posts like this are incredibly helpful! I look forward to seeing you reaching your goals:-) x