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As much as we have to do it, cleaning our brushes is such a task especially if you have quite a large amount of tools. I tend to clean my brushes using a baby shampoo and what God gave us - MY HANDS, however after 15 minutes it becomes tiring, hands begin to get a little sore and you notice you still have about 10 brushes to do *cries* Zzzz 

I recently discovered a brand in Superdrugs, FREEDOM I noticed they had a brush cleansing balm and I know there are many on the market they can be quite pricey but I decided to pick this one up and give it a try.

The Product
Brand - FREEDOM | ( Pro Studio Line )
Product Name -  Brush Bath - Sanitising brush Cleanser 
Price - £7.00
Aim - The product states 'It is the professional makeup artist's perfect on-the-go solution to instantly sanitise, cleanse and condition makeup brushes'
Free of - SLS & Sulphate 

How To Use It 
Wet brush and swirl around the jar to create a lather, work the brush into your hand and rinse well squeezing any excess water off the brush.

My Review 
I am so happy that I discovered this product, I picked up a facial cleansing pad ( Pink product in photos ) and used this with the balm to clean the brush instead of using my hand. Each brush took around 40-60 seconds to clean and rinse and the result was amazing - the thing I like about white head brushes is that you can see just how clean the product is ( see image below ) the balm has a clean fresh scent and that stays on the brush, the conditioning of the brush is perfect - it makes your brush feel close to brand new and leaves no excess product in between the bristles. I will be honest and say that I have not tried any other brush cleansing balms but I feel like I have no need to, at just £7.00 this product is extremely affordable whether you are just starting out with makeup or a professional in the makeup industry. It cleans the brush thoroughly. 
What I thought could potentially be a con for this product was the staining that the makeup from the brushes left on the balm, since I had not used a product like this I wasn't sure how to get it off but after putting 2 + 2 together giving it a slight rinse under the tap the residue of the products disappears and the density of the cleansing product stays as it is leaving it white as when it was first opened. 
I give this product a firm 8/10 and the only reason it is not a 10 is the simple fact that I have not tried other cleansing balms. 

I will be trying more products from the Freedom Makeup line in the future. 

( after using the cleansing balm - Brushes L - R MAC 217, Real Techniques 301 Sculpting Brush, Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki & Real Techniques Powder Brush )

I hope you liked my review - Have you or will you try it ? Let me know 


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