Products I Regret Buying

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Now not everything we buy we will like, sometimes I just buy a product because I see it raved about so much online that I just want to own it.. I literally am like that I partly blame youtube and beauty bloggers for my make up hoarding ( just kidding )

I have tried a few products recently and I just cannot help but extremely dislike them, they do not work for my skin at all and Honestly I wish they did.

The products I will be talking about are all from boots / superdrug I love shopping in these places and love the make up brands I even mention however these products just have not worked for me.

Makeup Academy ( MUA ) Pro-Base Fixing Mist - £5.00
I have never tried fixing / setting sprays before I should try to be fair as so many more brands are releasing them however I picked this up a while back as the MUA products do tend to impress me and was quite excited to try it. I wasn't happy with this product but did have one PRO!

- Cheaper alternative to use with eyeshadows to make them pop instead of using a more higher end spray.
- The packaging is something that i go for its simple it is a nice size and is make up bag friendly.

- The consistency is far to watery when holding it away from the face it does not spray evenly and feels like I have huge wet blotches across my face leaving my face patchy.
- I found that the smell of this product was not appealing at all. Unsure if it was just this specific one ( I will never know as I will not be purchasing again ) it smelt quite stale and the thought of it being on my face really put me off.

Sorry MUA I love you but this product just didn't win for me but i liked using it with eyeshadow application - 3/10

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation - £9.99
I won this foundation from a friend just before Christmas as she was doing raffles which were really enjoyable. I had wanted to try this foundation and read some great reviews. On first application I was so shocked - it smells nice, good consistency and FULL COVERAGE. I have combination skin and only have a few oily areas, however this foundation completely dried me out and created a chalky effect, I then tried a different application method using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge it worked a lot better but still became quite cakey after around an hour.

- The colour matched me perfectly
- Full coverage
- Affordable

- Did not sit right on my skin - dried patchy and left a chalky effect
- Would not suggest using if you have dry skin

I would like to be able to make this foundation work with my skin so I will try a few more times and give a full update but for now it only gets a 4/10

Simple Kind To Skin + Illuminating Radiance Cream - £6.59
Everybody is in to dewy skin right now, so I was quite impressed when a favourite skin care brand of mine came out with an illuminating cream I purchased it as soon as I saw it. At first it was working really well it enabled my liquid and cream base products sit fantastically however it did not work great when I applied powder ( it was something I could work with though )

- A good moisturiser to use for glowing skin
- Great for sensitive skin
- Affordable - especially for those starting out with skin care.

- Doesn't work well with powder make up products
- Is quite glittery but I did not notice this for a while. 4.5/10

Make Up Revolution Focus & Fix Concealer - £2.00
I discovered this brand in early 2015 and quickly became in love, I have not tried many of their base products like foundation and concealer so when I was completely out of every under eye concealer I own I decided to pick this up. I was extremely disapointed
Unfortunately I have no Pro's for this product as much as I love the brand, this product just failed to work for me.
It caked under my eyes and was did not blend out as it dried very quickly.
If you have tried this product, has it worked for you? let me know

Real Techniques 200 Oval Shadow Brush - £15.00 ( CURRENTLY £12.00 IN BOOTS )
Really love this brush, as I do every brush that Real Techniques come out with however I could not use this as a shadow brush simply because it is to large for my eyelids ( lol ) however I did find good use for it as it is fantastic for applying under eye concealer due to its density it gives a flawless well blended finish I absolutely love this brush and YOU yes YOU should have it in your collection.
As much as it is a eyeshadow brush - I give it 10/10 for the fact I use it with my concealer

Have you regretted any beauty purchases lately? if so let me know

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