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So even though we are now in February I still wanted to get this post up, I have been a little bit AWOL over the last couple of weeks but my day job has been taking over like crazy and some personal things have also been going on. 

But I am still here and very much active. The first post of this week is my monthly faves, now I love to shop so I am always on the hunt for new things which mean from month to month I grow to love different things. 

MAC Pro LongWear Concealer NC20 - I have loved this concealer for a few years now but recently it became a firm staple in my everyday make up once again, I love the coverage and the consistency. It is great to use in a highlighting and contouring routine and also as a eyeshadow base.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation SB8.5 - HMMM was I lost before I purchased this little tube of perfection? I think I was this is my new favourite full coverage foundation it is beautiful and stays all day those words are music to my ears. At a hefty £30+ it is quite a treat but I am really loving this foundation. See this foundation in action here

MAC Face&Body Foundation C4 - I use this foundation everyday for my work make up, as I vote sleep over getting ready, my make up takes me about 5 minutes and this is perfect. It is a very light coverage but gives the skin a nice dewy effect it does stay all day for me and 9/10 i forget to set it with a powder but thats fine because I love how it looks. This will continue being a favourite for me especially when we approach the summer months.. YAY 

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour - I received this for christmas from my younger brother, he always smashes it when it comes to gifting me I always shed a tear, when i tried this nail colour I thought to myself ' oh red doesn't suit me' because it really doesn't red lips red nails anything red just really doesn't go with me which is sad. But on first application with this I genuinely felt like a new woman, the shade of red is so womanly and has helped with my nail growth because I have been trying ever so hard to grow my nails long. 

Soap&Glory Righteous Body Butter - I do love this body butter, it is one of my soap and glory faves it is so thick and really keeps my skin so beautifully soft. 

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment - Before christmas my mum asked me what I wanted, I told her a new perfume but something that reminded me of her, this is a really affordable fragrance and I have really been loving it ( 1/3 of the bottle is already gone ) it really reminds me of my mum so thats why it is a current favourite of mine. 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water For Combo & Sensitive Skin - Micellar waters have been so largely spoken about over the last 12 months and when Garnier brought one out I just had to try it, at first I had been using the pink cap version ( which i presume is for all skin types ) but it was breaking me out so i stopped until I found the one for sensitive skin and it was like well STEVIE GET YOUR MONEY out, this is really affordable and is often on offer in superdrug I believe i picked this up for around £3.50 and it takes off all of your make up I even use this after a night out hehe. 

Aside from beauty I have been loving colouring in, doesn't it just bring back childhood memories? my brother thought it would be funny to get me a colouring book with 1000 cats because I am quite the cat lady, I have found it to be extremely therepeutic especially as I am trying to lose weight, and to escape the boredom eating I have turned to my colouring book instead. 

2016 is to be my year of living life, and PLANNING I am the worlds worst planner and keeping track of things, so I decided to purchase a planner and picked this vibrant diary from Tesco it was extremely affordable at only £2.50 and has found a home in my bag and I have been using it very regularly. 

Song Favourites 
Sugar - Robin Schuls ft Francesco Yates
History - One Direction
Sorry - Justin Bieber
Pillow talk - Zayn
Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay

Movie Favourites 
Harry Potter Series ( RIP ALAN RICKMAN ) 
Cinderella ( 2015 ) 

TV shows 
Celebrity Big Brother
Ex On The Beach
Making A Murderer 

What have you been loving throughout the 1st month of the year?

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