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My last post Favourite Drugstore Lipsticks - Nudes went down really well, so I have decided to do a similar post on my favourite bold lipsticks from MAC ( see below for try on )

Ill be honest and say that I don't wear a bold lip to often I'm not sure how I feel about myself when I wear an extreme bold colour I much prefer Nude shades.

However this selection of bold shades are beautiful and I tend to reach for them on a night out / special occasion. 

DIVA - Matte Finish
I find this colour extremely hard to describe, its not quite a red but it is a red kind of thing, the undertones ( Brownish / Purplish ) are really beautiful and its the mystery that makes this shade such a wonderful wear. I remember seeing this shade raved about so often on Youtube but never had the courage to go and pick it up since I am so 'scared' of bold colors however Christmas 2014 I did pick it up and I've not looked back I really do love this colour. For a matte finish it has a velvety touch to it it glides onto the lips and the colour pay off is amazing and does not leave the lips feeling dry. 

SMOKED PURPLE - Matte Finish 
In the tube this lipstick looks ever so dark it is like an aubergine shade which for me actually isn't very appealing however when you swatch it and put it on to the lips it is such a gorgeous dark purple/plum shade. The formula is matte and this shade was brought out before the reformulation and this lipstick is extremely drying for the lips it doesn't glide on smoothly unless you have fully primed your lips ( in the image you will see that my lips look quite dry with this shade and it hasn't gone on as smoothly as hoped ) - But looking past the drying matte finish that it is, Smoked Purple is gorgeous and compliments any skin tone, the undertones of this shade are quite a grayish shade rather then a warmish red as compared to Rebel ( also by MAC

LICKABLE - Creamsheen 
I like to wear this shade during the spring/summer months on nights out I like to call this my highlighter shade as it is extremely bright. This lipstick has Blue undertones which make it bright and gives your teeth that perfect white smile ( winning ). Lickable has a slight shimmer to it but nothing that can be off putting. It glides onto the lips ( it being a creamsheen ) and would complete a minimal make up look giving it that pop of colour. 

ALL FIRED UP - Retro Matte Lipstick
As described by MAC, All Fired Up is a bright fuchsia pink due to it being from the Retro Matte collection of course it is a stiff formula and can be drying for the lips many people including myself aren't a fan of this but with preparation comes perfection. The colour pay of is amazing and with just one stroke it looks stunning. All Fired Up comes with long wear I tend to wear this out when I go for dinners and yes it does begin to fade but it leaves such a gorgeous tint which for me is 'my lips but better'. It is a winner for me. 

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