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I absolutely love nude lipsticks, I personally think that nudes are my most suited shade although I wish I could rock a Red lip and feel really good but for some reason I tend to feel quite uncomfortable ( MEH ).

So I have decided to share my faves from Superdrug/Boots ( Drugstore ) I really love my more affordable make up brands and not everything is about high end! I would much prefer to have 10 lipsticks from the drugstore than having 3 lipsticks from a more expensive brand. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick - Nottinghill Nude - £6.99
This lipstick feels as though you are wearing a lip balm due to its moisturising technique, the packaging is quite basic in a Silver tube with a Purple plastic lid, it is more of a Brown toned nude however I find it to have just a slight Pink under tone to it. This shade leaves a lovely shine to the lip and can be compared to the cream sheen range as sold by MAC. 

Makeup Revolution Matte Lipstick - Nude - £1.00 
At just £1.00 this line of lipsticks are completely affordable you can not go wrong for a pound, I know many people would think that at such a small price that the lipstick may not have many good qualities but the brand just proves us wrong. I own the majority of lipstick shades sold by Makeup Revolution ( if you would like a post on this do let me know in the comments ) and I really do enjoy them. This is a rather muted out nude lipstick one downfall of it is that the colour pay off is not fantastic however paired with a pink/peach toned lipliner you have an amazing combo! 

MUA - Bare - £1.00
Another Nude lipstick at a great price, This shade is quite beige from looking at it and has some peach undertones, it glides on to the lips at ease and is neither matte nor creamy it is the perfect in-between, I use this lipstick in the centre of the lips to create a kind of ombre effect.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Collection - No.19 - £5.49 
This is a brownish nude ( we have a theme ) with Pink undertones it was a staple in my makeup bag for quite some time and is still a favourite of mine, the packaging is sleep in a matte Black tube with 'Kate' written on the lid in a coloured font. It is moisturising and sits well on the lips without a liner. The name means what it says with the 'lasting finish' as it doesn't budge for hours and requires little topping up.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Collection - No.03 - £5.49 
Again another brownish nude it is more Brown compared to no 19 and is quite similar to MAC's Velvet Teddy, It has a silky cream sheen finish and is great for everyday wear. I love this shade as it compliments many skin tones and goes well with a lot of eye shadow looks. 


I hope you liked this post what are your favourite nude lippies?

Love Stevie

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  1. I love a good drugstore lipstick! All the shades you've shown look so pretty and easy to wear. The MUA lipsticks are sooo good and cheap!!!!x


    1. the mua lipsticks really are good! i love the pigmentation in them <3