Chocolate Chip & Oreo Brownies

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I love to bake, no I am not a professional or really good - But it is something that I really enjoy between working a full time job I don't have much time to bake but I do try to when I can. Of course you can just go to the supermarket if you want a sweet treat but there is no fun in that which is why I love to create lots of mess and WASHING UP. 

So I was looking in the cupboards and saw a brownie mixture I am not the biggest fan of brownies but I decided to just get stuck in and make them they are quick and easy and perfect for a little sweet tooth fixture.

What You Will Need 
- Chocolate Brownie Mix 
- 1 egg 
- 3tbsp ( 45ml ) Water
- 2 tbsp ( 30ml )Vegetable Oil 
- Mixing Bowl
- Whisk Or Wooden Spoon ( I used both )
- Baking Tray
- Butter to grease the tray
- 12 Oreos

Preparation - Less Than 5 Minutes 
- Pre-Heat oven to gas mark 4 
- Grease your baking tray to avoid sticking 
- Beat all ingredients ( brownie mix egg oil & water )  the mixture does not need to be completely smooth however I also used an electric whisk to make it smoother 
- Place half the mixture into the baking track
- OREO Time - place 12 evenly onto the mixture ( tip if even you it helps with the slicing later ) 
- Cover the Oreos using the remaining mixture 
- Smooth over using a spactular 

- Place your brownie mixture onto the centre of your oven for 15 minutes ( this also depends on how gooey and soft you want the brownies to be ) 

Once they are done, leave them to cool on a cooling rack and cut into 12 pieces or more if you would like smaller brownie bites.
As you can see the Oreo has baked well into the brownie, it is soft, making the brownie creamy.

NOW TUCK IN.. i added some ice cream with it and they were delicious. 

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