2016 | Blogging Goals

As we have just entered a new year, I am back blogging and I want to share with you my blogging goals for 2016.

I started my blog in 2013 and as you can see there have not been that many posts but that is all about to change, just before christmas I remember speaking to my younger brother about my blog and how I wish I carried on etc it was just general conversation nothing was actually set in stone that I was going to bring my blog back to life however the thought kept playing on my mind. 

So for christmas I treated myself to a new laptop, a MacBook Air and started thinking about how I would bring my blog back, my blog has now had 3 names none which included my actual first name which is Stevie, I wanted to incorporate my name with my blog so thats how I came up with SteviesBeautyLounge I have now got my own domain and feel rather happy with how my blog is developing. 

Here are my Blogging Goals for 2016:

1. Planning - I want to be more organised I have just bought a diary and WILL use it, I actually love writing
2. Show my blog to my friends and share on my personal social media, I.E Instagram & Facebook 
3. Attend blog events 
4. Interact with other bloggers ( getting involved more with blogger chats on Twitter )
5. Socialise more 
6. More lifestyle posts - I don’t want my blog to just be based around beauty I want it to be about everything
7. 3 blog posts minimum per week - this will be hard as I work full time Monday to Friday but that is where planning comes into the equation 
8. Document my weightloss - I lost a lot of weight between 2013 & 2014 and need to get back in to it as I have honestly ‘piled on the pounds’ 
9. Quality over Quantity - As much as I want to put up 3 posts a week I don’t want them to lack quality I want them to be a good read, to look good and to have my readers wanting to come back. 

What are your blogging goals for 2016? 
Let me know in the comments or @ me on Twitter


Stevie x
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  1. I'm all about 4 and 5 - I started going out and meeting bloggers in my local area for the first time in 2015 and I've made lots of wonderful new friends - highly recommended!

    Extreme Housewifery

    1. That is wonderful to hear, I cannot wait to get out their and meet new blogging friends! x