Kylie Jenner LipKits | The Review ♥

I was so excited when I was able to finally pick up some of the most raved about lip products of the moment, I have had them for about 2 months now I wanted to blog about them sooner but life took over.

The Lip Kits
I decided to pick up 2 of the Kylie LipKits, the shades I chose are True Brown K which is literally a true chocolate dark brown beautifully bold and such a daring shade, I also went for Candy K which is a dusty muted Pinky nude perfect for day time and night time especially when paired with a smokey eye.

Why Did I Want to Try Them?
- Well, as a blogger and an absolute makeup addict I felt that It was necessary that I did try them. When a new product launches I get that excitement build up within and almost pull a muscle trying to reach for my bank card as soon as possible. I am also a huge fan of Kylie Jenner and we share them same lip Colour preferences! 

How Did I Manage to Get Them? 
- I follow Kylie Jenner on Snapchat & by chance I just so happened to open the right snap at the right time I popped onto the site and I already knew which shades I wanted ( this is super important as everything goes out of stock almost immediately ) went straight to my basket entered my details and I was happy to see that it all went through.
- I tracked my delivery and I wont lie I am so that person who is checking everyday... and when it had got to England I was super excited as I knew I would not be waiting long!

- luckily I wasn’t hit with a customs charge and I know some people have been.

As you can see the packaging is simple yet has a bold feel to it, I love how on each of the Lip Kits you get the image of Lips with the shade on them dripping down it is very relatable to Kylie Jenner. 

On the top of the box the name of the product is stated and the colour is around the entire perimeter of the box. 

On the back of the box ( not pictured ) Kylie's signature is there along with her tip on how to apply the product the ingredients and the amount of product you get both in the Matte liquid lipstick & the lip liner ( The lipstick is 3.25 ml / 0.11fl.oz and the lip liner is 1.0g/.03oz ). 

The Liquid Lipsticks 
The tubes have a simple look just with Kylie's signature & product information, the shade name is at the bottom of the tube. 
You get a doe foot applicator which is quite small but it ensures you distribute enough product around the lips, a slight downfall is that on the applicator you do not get a stopper this causes product to be wasted and can make your product look messy. 

So I line my lips and fill them completely with the liner just to ensure I get an even longer wear and to avoid any patchiness and discolouration. The lip liner that comes in the kit is super creamy and applies beautifully, it does wear down quite quickly but you can sharpen it, I do find that in the 2 months that I have had the lip kits I have almost completely finished the liner of Candy K. 

I then move on to applying the matte liquid lipstick again applying it all over the lips, the darker shades seem to appear more patchy once dry however I find that if you just use one coat over the top lip and then one coat over the bottom lip you get an even colour. 
the liquid lipstick dries in around 30-45seconds and is completely matte. 

Would I Buy Again?
Honestly? no.. Simply because there are dupes out there and so many brands offering liquid lipsticks, I am a huge fan of Kylie Jenner and believe that when someone famous who you adore launches a product then of course you are going to want to own EVERYTHING. 

 Candy K

True Brown K

I hope you have liked this post, if you would like to see a dupes post do let me know in the comments.

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Love Stevie 


The Power Of Makeup ♥

I recently watched Sabrina from LoveLaughAndMakeup on YouTube, she put a video up entitled 'The Power Of Makeup ' I found the video super inspiring and wanted to do my own version of it.

I absolutely love makeup, I have worn makeup since my mid teens ( unmatched foundation, far to much powder and tons of mascara eek)! But after discovering beauty gurus on YouTube back in 2012 my obsession was born.

Whenever it was payday I would go on a rampage in Superdrug and spend anything from £50-£100 my collection began growing ever so quickly but that was my hobby, collecting makeup and 'playing' with it, I taught myself so much and my skills with makeup continuously progressed.

The Power Of Makeup, We all have our reasons for wearing makeup whether it be to represent personalities through the use of colour and boldness.
For me makeup is fun I love creating new looks and getting inspiration from my blogging babes, YouTube Gurus, and as of lately I have got so much 'inspo' from Instagram.

So as you can see, 1 side of my face is completely free of makeup whilst the other side has a more glam feel to it, for me makeup is about enhancing what is already there, not changing although transformations can be fun.

I like that when makeup is applied everything feels lifted, I don't wear makeup to hide my looks I am comfortable in my own skin, of course I get irritated when a spot comes out of nowhere but thats life I know I can cover imperfections if needs be but I can also embrace them and be free in my skin which I am. 

Makeup is a hobby of mine, and I will continue collecting ( hoarding ) makeup.

 Fleeky eyebrows and highlight brighter than my future I AM ALL OVER THAT BABES

Have you done your version of the power of makeup? let me know <3 

Lots Of Love 

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Mini Selfridges Beauty Haul

As I do on most pay days, I treat myself to a few higher end beauty products. This month there were two specific products that I wanted to purchase, of course I didn't need to make these purchases but they've been on my wish list for ages and the more I am interacting with other bloggers and seeing them rave about these products I just knew I had to pick them up now rather than later.

I popped into Selfridges and of course went to the beauty hall ( which is seriously my idea of heaven - NO JOKE ) I love browsing all the beautifully laid out makeup counters and wanting to literally purchase everything, however I did control myself a made just a few small purchases.

First up is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in the shade 7 retailing at £29.50 you get 30ML in a bottle and it is available in a huge amount of shades from the very fare to the deepest shades. I had been eying this foundation up for around a month before making my purchase. The lady who matched me asked if I wanted to go slightly warmer which I did although I have been wearing the foundation for about 2 weeks now I do feel like I could have maybe gone for an 8 just to have it that bit more warmer.

Secondly I have the ever so popular Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. I have been lusting after this product for so long as I have seen many beauty guru's rave about this, using it for 'baking' the under eye. For many years I used the Ben Nye Banana Powder to set the under eye I then moved onto the MAC translucent setting powder when 'Baking' went absolutely crazy in the beauty world. I am so happy to finally have my hands on this product and will be doing a review on it soon! 

Finally, I spotted ZOEVA Brushes in Selfridges, when I saw them I got so excited as I thought they were only available to purchase online so of course in my head I was dancing and jumping around as though all my Christmas's had come at once lol. I have 2 Zoeva Brushes in my collection ( from the original line ) and I want to add to my brush collection more so eye brushes as I love to play around with makeup looks and having a variety of eye brushes is beneficial. 
The 2 I went for are the 230 Luxe Pencil brush - I picked this up as I have no small dense brushes and this brush is exactly what I wanted something that can pack colour into the crease and also create cut creases too.
I also picked up the 231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush - This is a short hair fluffy crease brush, I have a rather small lid and blending my crease colours with my usual Zoeva 227 or my MAC 217 can become a little messy due to the size, however the 231 is perfectly sized and has a fantastic density to it. 

Have you bought any higher end products recently? do let me know in the comments 

Love Stevie

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My Pamper Routine ♥

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When it comes to relaxing and pampering myself, I tend to go for a face mask & an extremely hot bubble bath. I prefer to shower in the week simply because I can be in a bath tub for over an hour ( time I really do not have during the week ) but when it comes to Sundays I get up around 9am do the usual morning read ( blogs, twitter & scroll through Instagram ) then at around 10am I run myself a lovely bath set out some sweet lavender candles around my bathroom pop my products on the side and just prepare to relax. I pop on some music & then I am in my zone. 

It is ever so important to have your own version of how you pamper yourself but this is my way, a way to end one week and de-stress / cleanse my mind and also prepare my body for another week of whatever the world has to offer me ( normally lots of paper work, banter and my brain telling me to go to the gym ) 

Enjoy <3


A very important part to my pamper routine is of course a face mask, for me they take out the stress of the week and leave your face feeling fresh and somewhat de-stressed. 
I don't have a specific go to face mask but I always pick a few up from Primark, Superdrugs & Boots, they are extremely inexpensive & are a go to product for me. 

 Cleanse & Polish
I use this product regularly but of course it had to make an appearance in my pamper routine as well. 
This has become a staple product in my skin care routine and it works wonders for my skin, I love how this product feels against my skin it holds a gorgeous fresh smelling scent and when washed off using the muslin cloth it leaves your face feeling soft and as though it has sprung back to life. 

 Music & Bubbles
I love listening to music in the bath I give my best X-Factor audition and sing to the very top of my voice! I know some people will listen to music in the bath and it soothes them in a calming way, this does not apply to me as once I press play on my PAMPER PLAYLIST I am basically in a bathtub sized club. 

BATH TIME! This is of course what makes my pamper routine and this is how I end my week. I love bubble baths and my favourite product which I will continuously buy is the Dove Silk Glow & Dove Original Cream Bath, It softens the skin and creates lots of bubbles! 

How do you pamper yourself?
Let me know

Lots Of Love

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L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick 1st Impressions ♥


So I recently purchased 2 of the Liquid Lipsticks by L’Oreal, I haven’t seen these hyped up too much, but I know they have been around for about 2 years. When I saw them on the Boots website I just had to grab a couple.

The L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Liquid Lipsticks are presented in a stunning White Gold packaging it has such a minimalistic look and has the feel of a high end product. You get a soft fluffy doe foot applicator, when applying the product to the lips it glides on softly and the applicator lines the lips without creating a messy over-line.

Liquid lipsticks are the talk of the town these days, and so they should be with their promised long wear a shade to fit everybody’s needs.

The 2 that I picked up are in the shades 500 Malto Mauve & 601 Nude Ballet, I chose these simply because I love nude and mauve colors as I feel they suit me best (or well at least I believe they do lol)

So my 1st impression <3

500 Malto Mauve
A dusty pink with some brown undertones this liquid lipstick has a slight shimmer to it when swatched it looks absolutely stunning. The product is easy to apply and as previously mentioned glides onto the lips. I did expect a little more pigmentation and I feel that it is more of a gloss rather than a liquid lipstick simply due to the sheerness.

601 Nude Ballet
Anything with the word nude in I am completely sold on the product, I was so excited to try this shade and the name is just so cute.
When swatched again it has a nice level of pigmentation but on the lips is again extremely sheer, I found it also made my lips look like they had foundation beneath them which they didn’t. it seems as though the pigmentation only picked up on certain points of the lip.

Malta Mauve

Nude Ballet

Overall I am not completely won over with these liquid lipsticks I do feel that they are quite sticky and very glossy ( which isn’t all bad )but I’m not one to just dismiss a product I will make them work well I will try over other lipsticks for a glossy effect and also pair them with lip liners – which will give them lips more depth and take away the sheerness whilst still keeping the pigmentation avoiding that washed out look.

top Malto Mauve & Bottom Nude Ballet

Overall rating 6.5/10

What do you think of these lippies? Have you tried them?

Lots of love

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